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So far, the sun and moon dictated the rhythm of the Samburu, herdsmen in northern Kenya. Now, they are connected to the power network. Poetic impression of life at a point of big changes.
For many years, the Samburu, nomadic herdsmen in northern Kenya, lived under power pylons that supply cities with electricity. An existence dictated by the sun and the moon. Now, they too are swept along in the sweeping, global changes. Small campfires are replaced by a connection to the power mains. Electric light can keep predators at bay at night, and this is just the beginning. Impressions of a way of life at a turning point, where the Samburu are faced with feelings of loss and melancholy, but also look at the future with anticipation. Partly realised with support from the Film Fund Wildcard for Schrofer’s graduation film Tarikat.