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Road movie in which three friends drive a taxi from Amsterdam to Rabat. While new worlds pass before their eyes, the film focuses on friendship, family, growing up and cool encounters.
Twenty-something Nadir’s father orders him to drive a taxi from Amsterdam to Rabat. On departure day, his close friends Abdel and Zakaria hop into the car to accompany Nadir on his trip across Europe. The expedition unexpectedly gives them the opportunity to discuss their long friendship and their, partly shared, future plans in detail. Moreover, the new worlds that pass before their eyes yield inspiring encounters. For example, Nadir falls madly in love with a hitchhiker who proceeds to show them the way around Barcelona. But the closer the friends get to Morocco, the more the mutual tensions rise. Although this road movie is set in five different countries, the drama subtly and indirectly shows a new Netherlands, with a generation rooted in all corners of the world. The fresh, realistic adventure about friendship and growing up - made by actors and filmmakers who are friends - is accompanied by music by artists like Sef and a score by SirOJ.