Artist Noa Jansma doesn’t sell hot air, but she does sell clouds. This philosophical video installation that questions the transformation of natural phenomena into exploitable resources.
Remember lying on your back and seeing shapes in the clouds? In 2021 you can take a more commercial approach: simply buy a cloud. In this video installation, the clouds drifting overhead are marked with a QR code. Using a special app, you can become a proud cloud owner, with prices varying from 50 cents to 1000 euros. This may sound like an odd business model, but is it really so strange in a society in which we can buy land, trees or a piece of the moon? Noa Jansma (winner of the 2018 Golden Calf Interactive for her Instagram work #DearCatcallers) questions the principle behind the ‘ownership’ of natural resources. Whether or not you decide to become a virtual speculator, the project encourages you to consider your own role in a market based on supply and demand.