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As an eyewitness you step into the compelling history of the devastated city after the Battle of Arnhem. There is suffering and sadness, but also hope, solidarity and... a new beginning.

With a VR headset you travel through time to Arnhem during the Second World War, before and after the disastrous military operation remembered as the Battle of Arnhem. The world is made up of archive material combined with the distinctive, hand-drawn environments of multimedia artist and storyteller Abner Preis. This intense experience is based on excerpts from the diary of a doctor who wandered the streets of his ruined city after the failed battle. Apart from the suffering and the horrors of war, there is also a glimmer of hope when pigeons scatter seeds, and colourful flowers and trees bring new life. The trauma of defeat thus ends with a message of harmony and hope for a new, peaceful beginning, as the curtains flap through the shattered windows.

Watch the full story of Blowing through the Curtains on YouTube