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Is this love affair doomed to fail, or will it have a happy ending? In this intimate and intuitive VR experience, that’s entirely up to you.
This VR experience by writer and composer Micha Hamel and designer Demian Albers feels both epic and intimate. The epic atmosphere is produced by the so-called ‘room scale VR’, which allows you to roam freely among three-dimensional drawings, to the rhythm of the words. And there is intimacy because in Together Apart you find yourself in the midst of a love affair that threatens to run aground. Through playfully drawn tableaus, you interactively experience the childhood memories of lovers who turn out to be poles apart. As adults, they each have their own feelings and expectations, but which of them will you choose to hear or explore? This freedom of choice, and the fact that you can never get to see everything, makes your experience of their love story both subjective and intuitive.