NFF Conference

The annual NFF Conference combines inspiration, interdisciplinary collaborations and adresses urgent topics in a full day programme. The NFF Conference returns during the Professionals Programme as the finger on the pulse of the Dutch audio-visual and digital culture industry. This state of affairs is reflected in the hybrid form of the conference, which this time will again offer plenty of room for personal encounters, mutual inspiration and cross-pollination. In a multifaceted programme packed with panels, discussions, presentations and case studies, we’ll be exploring the state of the sector and taking an open view of the world of today and tomorrow.

NFF Conference 2021

When: Tuesday September 28
Location: Kinepolis Jaarbeurs Utrecht

The Real Truth
NFF Conference: The Real Truth
14:00 - 15:30

In The Real Truth we'll reflect with three journalistic organizations on how they use onorthodox and interdisciplinair ways to find the truth behind facts presented by organizations. Or better, the world behind this apparent truth. What lies behind the images that everyone assumes as normal and true? Can we learn how to be critical and how wil we be able to achieve this?

‘Follow the Money’, says whistleblower Deep Throat in the film All The President's Men from 1976, to journalists Carl Bernstein and Bob Woodward, which led to the fall of president Nixon. Journalistic platform Follow The Money has the same, bright goal since 2009: clarifying the truth in serving the society. One of the founders, Eric Smit, will share his story during this session.

Forensic Architecture (FA), affiliated with the University of London, researches violations of human rights. With groundbreaking techniques in spatial and architectural analyze, open-source-research, digital modeling and immersive technologies, FA tries to get to the point of what has actually happened, what couldn't have happened and who are responsible for it. During The Real Truth, Imani Jacqueline Brown presents the newest FA-project Louisiana: a research in the domain of former plantations and the current relationship between the petrochemical industry, environmental issues and institutionalized racism.

Foeke Postma is a researcher and trainer at Bellingcat, the independent international collective that uses open-source-research, ‘citizens journalism’ and online sources to find the real truth. Bellingcat publishes the results of their professional and citizens-journalism into warzones, violations of human rights and the criminal underworld. They gained worldwide fame by revelations about the Syrian civil war and the attack on flight MH17.

With moderator Dan Hassler Forest

Eric Smit - co-founder and co-chief editor Follow the Money
Imani Jacqueline Brown - Artist, activist and researcher Forensic Architecture
Foeke Postma - Researcher and trainer Bellingcat

This session will feature the research Environmental Racism in Death Alley, Louisiana. The NFF shares a brief moment for the devastations caused by hurricane Ida in Louisiana in 2021.

Digital Life
NFF Conferentie: Digital Life
16:00 - 17:45

Can we trust what we see, feel, hear and smell? Digitization has a confusing effect on our senses. In this sessio we will look at new forms of experience that advanced technology can offer us. For example, what does the fusion of man and machine mean for our being, imagination, and even authorship? Do we need to relearn how to perceive? Experts on this matter will discuss this topic with the audi­ence during this session.

Together with an eclectic team of artists, designers, architects, curators, historians, thinkers the design studio ARK searches for the boundaries of graphic design and creates new ways of communication.

Grace Boyle (The Feelies) researches what role our physical senses play in the digital world. With the Feelies Boyle collaborated with Greenpeace on Munduruku: a work where VR, smell, infrasound and other meaningfull stimuli from the world of the indigenous Munduruku and that fight the defor­esta­tion in the Amazon Forest of Brazil.

Entrepreneur Avinash Changa (WeMakeVR) is a pioneer when it comes to digital concepts and production techniques. His company researches and develops new ways of storytelling and introduces us to social VR, metaverses, online meetings and the virtual world.

Creative Director Amber Jae Slooten (The Fabricant) designs fashion that shows us how to create our digital identity with VR, AR and MR. This makes a new and fascinating way of fashion design emerge and it contradicts the polluting fashion industry.

With moderator Dan Hassler-Forest

Roosje Klap - Artist, Art Director, designer, ARK
Grace Boyle - Founder and Director The Feelies
Avinash Changa - Founder WeMakeVR
Amber Jae Slooten - Co-Founder/Creative Director The Fabricant