NFF Conference

The annual NFF Conference combines inspiration, interdisciplinary collaboration and urgent topics in a full day programme.

This event has ended.

On Friday September 23 the Dutch audiovisual and digital culture industry came together during the annual NFF Conference. After an online edition in 2020 and a hybrid version in 2021, this year we returned to a physical venue, Stadsschouwburg Utrecht. In a sector-wide programme packed with panels, political discussions, presentations and case studies, we took stock of the past year and looked ahead to the future.

20220923 NFF conferentie Made ik Korea Almicheal Fraay007

NFF Conference: Made in Korea

This event has ended.

South Korea’s AV industry is booming thanks to the Oscar-winning film Parasite, the record-breaking series Squid Game and the exuberant visuals of the K-Pop music industry. What’s the secret behind these productions that conquer the world without letting go of their own style and language?

In South Korea it’s known as hallyu: the wave of South Korean popular culture that has been steadily engulfing the world over the past 25 years. It makes the media landscape more inclusive and interesting. Streaming services such as Netflix have been eager to respond to this Korean wave, investing more than 500 million dollars in original South Korean material.

At the heart of these success stories are broadly conceived global and local marketing strategies. What can we learn from them and, more importantly, how can we apply them in the Netherlands?

Moderator: Hugo Emmerzael


  • Dongha Lee (President of REDPETER FILMS, producent Train to Busan, Peninsula)
  • Sejeong Hahn (Representative KOFIC)
  • Remco Breuker (Professor Korean Studies Universiteit Leiden)

Language: English

20220923 NFF Conferentie The Art of Being an independent Producer Paulus van Dorsten013

NFF Conference: The Art of Being an Independent Producer

This event has ended.

Bettina Brokemper talks about her ambitions and the challenges she faces as an independent producer. Brokemper owns Heimatfilm, one of Europe’s leading independent production companies, with credits including Dogville, Antichrist, The City Below and Hannah Arendt.

The art of being an independent producer has become increasingly complex. Worldwide, the production of films, series and other content has grown significantly and international co-production has never been more prevalent. To navigate this complexity, a producer’s involvement in a project starts early and continues far beyond the premiere date. Producers are thus an integral part of the creative process. In her keynote address, Brokemper will discuss the independent producer’s craft and their role in the intricate production process.

Language: English

In collaboration with NAPA and ACE Producers.

20220923 Nederlands Filmfestival SSBU NFF conferentie The good the bad the ugly FOTO Almicheal Fraay 6

NFF Conference: NFTs - The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

This event has ended.

In the art and film world today, we’re constantly hearing about NFTs – but what’s the story behind them and how do they affect the AV sector?

Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, are proofs of ownership of digital items, such as art or other images. With artist Jan Robert Leegte, writers Jessica Clark and Brett Scott, and researcher Elizabeth Strickler we explore the opportunities NFTs offer for filmmakers and artists.

During the session, we will review several high-profile NFT projects. We’ll hear about Madonna giving birth to trees in 3D, a collection of NFTs to raise money for LGBTQ+ charities, NFTs in posthumous tribute to dead artists, and a course about utopias developed by Margaret Atwood on the learning platform Disco. But you will also learn from Leegte’s work how to market an NFT, and we will look at the financial, ethical, and philosophical aspects of this internet phenomenon.

Moderator: Jessica Clark


  • Jessica Clark (Writer, journalist, future strategist)
  • Brett Scott (Economic explorer, writer and journalist)
  • Jan Robert Leegte (Artist working on and for the internet)
  • Elizabeth Strickler (Director Media Entrepreneurship and Innovation LabGeorgia State University)

Language: English

20220923 NFF conferentie Green Go Paulus van Dorsten016

NFF Conference: Green, go!

This event has ended.

In recent years, new environmental movements have been launched all over the world focusing on the burning issue of our times: climate change. In this session, in cooperation with organisations initiated from within the film industry, we’ll discuss how the AV sector can become more sustainable and contribute to a greener climate.

Founded in 2011, the British organisation albert supports the global film and TV industry in reducing the environmental impact of productions. The organisation offers a toolkit comprising an online calculator to measure a production’s carbon footprint, and an action plan to take measures to reduce it.

Some producers aren’t prepared to wait for policy on sustainability measures to be introduced from the top, and are taking the initiative themselves. In the Netherlands, producers Iris Otten and Laurette Schillings have founded the Film for Future foundation, and eco consultants such as Tobias Wilbrink are also being trained to assist productions in finding sustainable solutions.

Moderator: Nicole van Schaik


  • Carys Taylor (Director of albert)
  • Iris Otten & Laurette Schillings (Film for Future)
  • Tobias Wilbrink (Eco Consultant)

Language: English

20220923 NFF Conferentie Speculative Fabulation Almicheal Fraay004

NFF Conference: Speculative Fabulation

This event has ended.

In the late 1960s, Star Trek inspired millions to envision a glorious, utopian future. Today, technological advances have almost overtaken this fantasy. At the same time, it’s harder than ever to imagine such a future, in a 21st century fraught with crises, from climate change to war, economic difficulties and the revival of fascist movements. Yet these dystopian developments make it all the more important to tell stories about worlds of hope.

Speculative Fabulation is about the art of storytelling to explore new worlds and envision a brighter future. In this session, we’ll discuss a wide range of forms of speculative fabulation: design collective Polymorf will share their view of philosophical storytelling through touch, smell, sound and vision in the context of their high-profile VR installation Symbiosis (which can also be seen at the festival). Science fiction researcher Dan Hassler-Forest will illustrate how speculative fabulation has shaped our imaginings of the future and how it can still be a crucial tool for social and political progress. Karen Palmer, storyteller of the future, and film and media maker, will introduce her project Consensus Gentium, an emotion-driven film in which smartphone functionalities in the field of intimacy and authenticity are used to create a hyper-realistic experience of the social media of the future.

Moderator: Dan Hassler-Forest


  • Marcel van Brakel (Polymorf)
  • Mark Meeuwenoord (Polymorf)
  • Dan Hassler-Forest (Writer, researcher at Utrecht University)
  • Karen Palmer (Storyteller, and film and media maker)

Language: English

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