Presale NFF 2018

NFF proudly introduces ‘NFF English’, a programme specifically designed for the non-Dutch speaking public and encompasses all films, talks, presentations and events that are accessible to English speakers. ‘NFF English’ is made up of subtitled Dutch blockbusters and auteur films, original English spoken films by Dutch film makers, interesting talks, interactive exhibitions and festive events.  In the coming months, we will slowly uncover all we have on offer. Wanna be sure to have a seat? Book your tickets now! The complete programme will be announced on 3 September.

Opening night NFF 2018 with public premiere OPEN SEAS

Date: 27 september 2018
Time: 18:45  21:00
Location: Pathé Rembrandt
Price: €12,50

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Public premiere THE VOICE OF HOLLAND by John Appel

Date: Saturday 29th September
Time: 19:00  21:00
Location: Pathé Rembrandt
Price: €12,50

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The evenening of Adriaan de Jongh | NFF Blikverruimers

On Sunday 30 September, game designer Adriaan de Jongh (1990) will host a night about independent game production. Adriaan is known for his indie-gamehit HIDDEN FOLKS (2017). This search game received a Golden Calf nomination for Best Interactive 2017 and was awarded the Apple ‘iPad game of the year 2017’. Together with a group of international indie game designers, Adriaan will teach a crash course on the art and science of game development.

Price: €10 (early bird, limited capacity)

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