Our Brave New World Sessions

Do we actually still have control over the technology we are developing? More and more technologies are changing the ways in which we tell our stories. From urban and mobile to immersive, augmented and interactive. These sessions on Sunday 30th of September take a look at how they differ from each other, but also what their influence is on our world.


Our Brave New World Sessions will be an afternoon full of inspiration and new stories moderated by Dan Hassler-Forest. And a broad spectrum of inspiring stories will be presented by a number of panels and presentations: The Future of the ScreenThe Real and the Virtual of VR, the Interactive expo and PublicSpaces.


Our Brave New World: Introduction
Moderator Dan Hassler-Forest will kick off this day with a spoken column entitled Our Brave New World in which he discusses the role of utopian thinking as a critical potential of the arts and media. The essay of which the column is a derivative will be published in Vrij Nederland. 

  • Dan Hassler-Forest is a researcher, writer and assistant professor at UU. He investigates the role of stories in modern popular culture.

Keynote: Karen Palmer
Keynote of this day is on behalf of Karen Palmer. In her work, Palmer connects film, storytelling, art, science, technology and neurology to generate responsive and interactive film experiences. Palmer is an artist and public speaker and will talk in an inspiring way about how new stories can be told through new technologies that do justice to this modern era. 

  • Karen Palmer is a filmmaker who immerses herself in Face Recognition technology; in her live-action film work Riot face recognition and AI technology is used to determine the course and to ask questions about the audience and the media.
    The visit of Karen Palmer is made possible by Het Nieuwe Instituut  with support from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

The Real and the Virtual of VR
The power of Virtual Reality is that it offers the possibility to experience artificial realities as real: time and space molded into controlled reality. Vesna Petresin with her performance work have a strong signature within this medium and explore the medium in various contexts.

  • Vesna Petresin is a transdisciplinary artist and researcher working with performance and public art, in her work she explores transformation and time.

The Future of the Screen
New technologies bring new screens. Urban, mobile, augmented or interactive, they change the ways in which the stories are told and shown. Together with two speakers who focus on possible future applications that may not be as far away as we think, we explore the possibilities of the screen in a new form.

  • Rosa Menkman is a ‘glitch’ artist and theorist who deals with screens in science fiction and explores the future and, among other things, video compression.
  • Keiichi Matsuda is a prize-winning designer, filmmaker and speaker who deals with the fading border between the physical and virtual.

The Expo Panel: Brave New Worlds
The Interactive Showcase that can be found this year in the Academiegalerie and Impakt shows the best Interactive works of the past year. Noa Jansma, Tessa Pope, Studio Louter, DouweDijkstra and Dries Depoorter explain a little bit of the veil and devote ourselves to their methods and ideas.

  • Studio Louter is a studio that specializes in storylines, film and interaction for communicative spaces.
  • Douwe Dijkstra is a visual artist and filmmaker who, with his 33⅓ Collective, partly set up by him, explores the possibilities of telling stories through multimedia.
  • Dries Depoorter is an international speaking and exhibiting media artist who focuses on internet, privacy, online identity and surveillance.
  • Tessa Pope is the winner of digital storytelling, Directors NL Awards 2018 for the interactive Submarine web documentary Echoes or IS.
  • Noa Jansma is a young maker and designer who uses her Instagram acount #dearcatcallers to denounce street intimidation by turning traditional power relations around.
  • Teddy Cherim and Tim van Deursen talk about Meet the Soldier (Wolfstreet / Creative Agency, Hack the Planet) a 360 VR documentary about two fighters of hostile tribes in Karamoja, Uganda. They are brought together in VR, where they experience each other’s view of the conflict.

PublicSpaces: Marleen Stikker
PublicSpaces is a network of parties with a common goal: to recapture the Internet as a public domain. It is based on the idea that an environment that is so decisive for humanity as a whole can not be claimed by some parties for political and economic importance. Marleen Stikker, member of the board of directors, will explain how topics such as privacy of citizens, fake news, trolls and the role of Facebook in the public debate led to this initiative. PublicSpaces is not an alternative distribution channel.

  • Marleen Stikker, founder of Waag and member of the European Horizon 2020 committee ‘High-level Expert Group for SRIA on Innovating Cities’ / DGResearch and of AcTI Dutch academy technology & innovation.