Opening night NFF 2018 with public premiere OPEN SEAS

Ticketsale for the openingsevening of NFF 2018, thursday September 27th, has started. This evening Michiel van Erp’s fiction debut OPEN SEAS will premiere and you can be there in the public premiere. This is a red carpet screening that takes place simultaneously with the official premiere of the film. Cast and crew are present and give a short introduction of the film. Book your tickets now for this eventfull evening!

OPEN SEAS is the juicy, sexy and sensitive adaptation of the bestseller by Philip Huff, in which a bunch of boys have to face the end of a care free student life. Open seas convinces because of the strong acting by the young cast and the sharp eye of director Michiel van Erp, renowned for his documentaries.

Screening with English subtitles

Date: Thursday 27 September 2018
Time: 19:00  21:00
Location: Pathé Rembrandt
Price: €12,50