NFF Interactive

Themed ‘Our Brave New World’, the NFF interactive programme will examine the hopeful, utopian and obscure facets of new media technologies.

Our Brave New World Sessions

On Sunday 30 September, internationally renowned speakers and young talents will talk about the new screens, new platforms and new stories that come with new technologies. These technologies change the ways we report, show and experience our stories  Read more


Workshop Storytelling Karen Palmer – Our Brave New World 
What types of stories are required to cultivate “Our Brave New World” and what type of creators will create them? A workshop with artistic retrospection, introspection and parkour which will unleash the creative commitment. Order tickets here

NFF Interactive Expo
Expo of the ten interactive media productions that have been selected by a professional jury from the rich selection of games, virtual reality films and multimedia productions of the past year. They are contenders for the Gouden Kalf for Beste Interactive 2018. Read more

NFF Interactive Golden Calf Evening
Meet the makers of the ten selected interactive productions that stand a chance at winning the Golden Calf for Best Interactive 2018! This evening, the makers will explain what their project entails, and what was involved in the realization by means of a live screening. Also the three nominees for the Golden Calf for Best Interactive 2018 will be announced. Order your tickets now!