NFF Professionals: Holland Film Meeting

The Nederlands Film Festival is the most extensive meeting place for Dutch AV-professionals. Within the framework of the festival, the Holland Film Meeting builds bridges between the Dutch and international worlds of film, tv, and interactive media. Together, we broaden our horizons by exchanging knowledge, exploring projects, and finding our audiences of the future.


Holland Film Meeting 2019

The Holland Film Meeting is a three-day whirlwind between Sunday 28 September and Tuesday 1 October, 2019. Through project pitches and works-in-progress presentations, one-on-one meetings, expert discussions, masterclasses and innovative events, you will be given front-row access to the best and latest in Dutch film/TV fiction, interactive media, documentary, animation and family film. Holland Film Meeting also offers tailor-made (international) project development programmes, like Stories & Beyond and BoostNL, in cooperation with a.o. IFFR.
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Saturday 28 September till  Tuesday 1 October 


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Throwback NFF Professionals Programme 2018



DISCUSS  Relevante themes and subjects for the Dutch AV-industry are discussed.
#Digitalisation #Circularity #Filmeducation #Audiences

INSPIRE National and international filmmakers are given the floor with masterclasses and seminars to talk about their films, discipline or  certain subject.
#MasterclassEditing #SeminarAnimation #Screenplay

STIMULATE Projectdevelopment, collaboration and knowledge exchange between the Dutch and the international film industry. #BoostNL #Stories&Beyond #TalentFeedbackSessies

MEET Networking through meetings, speed dates, matchmaking and organized lunches, dinners and drinks.
#TalentSpeeddates #Matchmaking #TalentEnRoute