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At NFF digital stories and productions are given the space they deserve. Come watch, experience and marvel at the richness of Dutch digital culture.

Immerse yourself in eleven unforgettable digital culture productions, in the Central Hall of the Neude Libary. With smart chatbots, AI and VR, gaming and interactive documentaries, striking stories come to life in this exhibition. The expo is accessible to everyone, you can easily walk in and out. Ideal between film screenings or if you want to make a flash visit to the festival.

NFF Fellowships Digital Culture

In 2023, the Netherlands Film Festival launched a research track for interdisciplinary creators of Digital Culture.

Spela petric fot anze sekelj min scaled

Špela Petrič on her Fellowship research and experience

We are being flooded by AI: how dangerous is it, and how will it shape our society? Her research asks what humans would look like if they were made “healthier” by AI. She starts in a place where AI is already being deployed: tomato farming.

Portret Tina Farifteh Fellowships 2023

Tina Farifteh on her Fellowship research and experience

Her research proposal Empathic Rage, written for the 2023 Fellowship program, is about how to use empathy and anger to save the world.

The 'Gouden Kalf' selection Best Digital Cultural Production 2023

NFF Bieb STORYSPACE 2023 Photo by Almicheal Fraay maikeljay 32

Alison's Room

Maker: Paula Strunden
Production: Paula Strunden Studio, Nieuwe Instituut, Academy of Fine Arts Vienna
Type: VR installatie

"Alison's Room" is a room-scale immersive virtual reality installation that brings to life the original workroom of British brutalist architect and author Alison Smithson. Using a mix of virtual and mixed reality technologies alongside physical objects and crafts, architectural designer Paula Strunden offers a unique opportunity to experience and explore the past, experimenting with new narratives and transforming the way we engage with history-based design knowledge.

*This installation is not accessible by wheelchair.

230925 Utrecht Nederlands Film Festival 2023 NFF23 Storyspace Bibliotheek Neude LARS LENSINK NFF 17


Maker: Alex Raúl
Art director & 3D artis
t: Bats Bronsveld
Character desig
n: Charleton Mercelina
Alex Raúl
Production: Alex Raúl
Type: VR

What would it sound like to be surrounded by an intimate choir, in the middle of a large cave? The virtual reality installation CAVES lets us experience it. Intricate vocal harmonies blend with the lush reverb of a virtual prehistoric cave. Find yourself immersed in a deep, 3D listening experience, as a group of virtual cave dwellers perform their intriguing evening ritual.

230925 Utrecht Nederlands Film Festival 2023 NFF23 Storyspace Bibliotheek Neude LARS LENSINK NFF 9


Maker: Jeff Beukema
Concept: Vincent Boon
Producer: Enzo Soubra
Production: UNI_VERSE Studio
Type: VR

This Virtual Reality experience is a satirical commentary on our relationship with the virtual world through personal devices, an experimental story driven by interaction. In this story, a post-human tourist gets uploaded to the cloud in expectation of a mindful digital holiday at the Cloud Hotel but gets caught in a loop by a self-centered device.The space gives freedom to the user, challenging them to define their own destiny.

NFF Bieb STORYSPACE 2023 Photo by Almicheal Fraay maikeljay

Ctrl. Alt. Img.

Maker: affect lab, Çiğdem Yüksel, Triple Black, Prospektor
Concept: affect lab, Çiğdem Yüksel
Prospektor, affect lab
Interactieve installatie

How inclusive is our visual culture if artificial intelligence creates the images? Spoiler alert: not really. This asks for a creative intervention.

*This installation is not accessible by wheelchair.

046 20230922 Utrecht Nederlands Film Festival 2023 NFF23 Opening en borrel Storyspace professionals drinks Bieb Neude Centrale Hal Bieb Neude FOTO MOMENTTOM com NFF

The Dress and The Shipwreck

Maker: Arnold van Bruggen
Concept: Thomas Lievestro
Producer: NTR - Laura Verduijn
Production: Prospektor
Type: Interactieve webgame
Year: 2023

The interactive web game, The Dress and The Shipwreck, offers an immersive online dive into the hidden Palmwood Wreck off the coast of Texel. Visitors embark on an audiovisual journey where music, sound, 3D imagery, and stories create a rich narrative and a unique experience. What treasures does the wreck reveal?

*This installation is not accessible by wheelchair.

NFF Bieb STORYSPACE 2023 Photo by Almicheal Fraay maikeljay 23

Dear Beloved Friend,

Makers: Dries Verhoeven & Kininso Koncepts
Concept: Dries Verhoeven & Kininso Koncepts
Production: Studio Dries Verhoeven & Kininso Koncepts
Type: Interactieve theatervoorstelling

Live from Nollywood, the center of the African film industry, Nigerian performers get in contact with European audiences. In a live-streamed movie they scrutinize the European self-image.

NFF Bieb STORYSPACE 2023 Photo by Almicheal Fraay maikeljay 34 1

His Name Is My Name

Maker: Eline Jongsma & Kel O’Neill
Production: Jongsma + O’Neill, Good Name Media
Type: Geanimeerde documentaireserie / AR

His Name is My Name is an Instagram based animated documentary series that explores how the crimes of WWII-era perpetrators still reverberate through today’s society, shaking the foundations of our homes and our families. Part detective thriller and part personal visual essay, His Name is My Name tracks Eline Jongsma’s investigation into her family’s history, and shines a light into a still-dark corner of Europe’s past.


The Imaginary Friend

Maker: Steye Hallema
Producer: Corine Meijers
Production: Studio Biarritz, Cassette for Timescapes, Submarine Channel
Type: VR

A young child with an overactive imagination struggles to make sense of the world around him, he needs YOU–his imaginary friend–to help him navigate his feelings.

NFF Bieb STORYSPACE 2023 Photo by Almicheal Fraay maikeljay 48

Sneakpeek: Shadow Game

Maker: Korneel Hamers, Elisa Demarré, SKaGeN Team
Concept: Mathijs F. Scheepers
Coproducer: Eefje Blankevoort & Els van Driel
Production & Co-production: SKaGeN, Prospektor en SneakPeek
Type: Reatime documentaire / WhatsApp

The SneakPeek Shadow Game is the first-ever real-time documentary where you can follow live messenger conversations between two Dutch documentary filmmakers and the very young guy SK (Sajid Khan) making his way to Europe from Afghanistan.

NFF Bieb STORYSPACE 2023 Photo by Almicheal Fraay maikeljay 20

To Be Continued

Maker: Yannick Noomen, Noortje van den Eijnde, Roel Wouters, Luna Mauer
Concept: Nineties, Noralie, Moniker
Production: Nineties Productions
Music: Philipp Johann Thimm
Type: Telegram ervaring / Audiovisuele performance

In a digital era when life is in top gear, To Be Continued challenges our relationship with technology and our perception of time. In this production, technology plays the leading role. After a bot uses Telegram to analyse the visitors’ time perception, it presents the Now in an AV installation. In a unique combination of theatre, the chatbot’s findings and audiovisual on-site performance, it shows the impact of digital culture on our time perception. All this to a soundtrack of fully electronically generated music, inspired by the world of interfaces and apps. To Be Continued is a collaboration between theatre company Nineties, video artist Noralie, interactive design studio Moniker and musician/producer Philipp Thimm.

*This installation is not accessible by wheelchair and can form a risk for people with light sensitive epilepsy.

NFF Bieb STORYSPACE 2023 Photo by Almicheal Fraay maikeljay 17

Diary of a Shapeshifter

Maker: Vincent Boon
Willem de Kooning Academie
Vincent Boon
Eftymios Stavropoulos
Year: 2023

An artist struggling with a lack of inspiration is tormented by surrealist manifestations from his subconscious. As a result, he – like the viewers of this VR – turns into an artistic shapeshifter.

*This Installation is part of the Student Competition and is not included in the Golden Calf selection.

More Digital Culture

Between September 20 and 27, 2024 you will have the chance to meet renowned speakers and discover the latest in the audiovisual and Digital Culture sector. Join various Prof Talks and immerse yourself in creation processes, new storytelling concepts and surprising techniques.

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