NFF Conference 2019 | Re:define

  • Conference Opening  (09:30 – 10:30)

    What has been happening in the landscape of film, television and interactive since the last NFF Conference? With the theme Re:define we investigate how to redefine ourselves as makers/professionals, and our working methods, in times of experiment and renewal.

    Moderator: Aldith Hunkar (journalist, presenter, anchor)
    Guests: Silvia van der Heiden (General Director/Chief Executive of the Netherlands Film Festival), Damiaan Denys (philosopher and psychiatrist) and Micha Wertheim (comedian and radio producer).
    Language: Dutch

  • The Cinema Experience (10:45 – 11:45)

    How do we experience a movie in 2019? Purely by watching, or can we intensify the experience of a film by using new techniques, live music or visual stimulation? In The Cinema Experience, we focus on the concepts undergo and experience, incorporating some enticing international examples and trends from abroad. We address the needs of the visitor and ourselves, beyond the silver screen.

    Guests: Polly Betton (Edible Cinema), Lisa Brook (Live Cinema) en Dominic Davies (Backyard Cinema)
    Moderator: Monique van Dusseldorp (curator and moderator of media and tech events)
    Language: English

  • Shifting Borders: Brexit (10:45 – 11:45)

    How do the Brexit discussions proceed across the Channel? Joined by several professionals, we discuss the consequences of Brexit for the European AV industry. Will co-productions and financing schemes continue or will British agencies move to the continent? What will be the effects of Brexit viz. production matters such as import duties and crews, but also distribution matters like licence deals?

    Guests: Mike Eliott, Marleen Slot (Producers DIRTY GOD), Neil Watson (Strategy Advisor, British Film Institute)
    Language: English

  • Lab Life: In Search of the Miraculous (10:45 – 13:30)

    The rapid development of new and complex techniques like AI, apps, online platforms and multiple realities like MR, VR and XR is changing society and broadening possibilities for filmmakers, storytellers and artists. In response to this, we increasingly see all sorts of inspiring forms of interdisciplinary cooperation arise within the creative industry. Led by Film and TV professor Dr. Dan Hassler-Forest, this interactive programme focusses on pioneering labs and initiatives from home and abroad in which filmmakers, creative technologists and storytellers join hands.

    Guests: Katerina Cizek (pioneer in the field of digital documentaries, Canada), Sara Ellis (Royal Shakespeare Company, United Kingdom) en Mark Atkin (former commissioning editor TV and Online for SBS Television, Australië)
    Moderator: Dan Hassler-Forest

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  • Ethics vs. Critics (12:00 – 13:00)

    In times of activism, and identity politics, we ask ourselves the question what the position is of a filmmaker or critic in the current culture of social criticism. Do we as filmmakers have the responsibility to incorporate a reflection of reality in our work? Should we listen to all the different voices in society? A discussion on film (reviews), individual interpretation and the pressure of contemporary society.

    Guests: Ashar Medina Ashar Medina (writer of Mocro Maffia and Tom Adelaar), Sunny Bergman (documentary and film director, writer, actrice, Dutch), Anna Bogutskaya (curator BFI)
    Moderator: Tara Judah (Watershed Cinema producer, Critic)
    Language: English

  • Copyright Revisited (12:00 – 13:30)

    On the occasion of the NFF Extended meeting on Tuesday July 9th, we resume the discussion on copyrights, plus we take a glimpse behind the scenes of a foreign organisation. How do they discuss copyright issues? What are the game rules and what are their ambitions for development? And what can the Dutch AV landscape learn from it?

    Guest: Lone Amtrup and Marijn Kingma (Partner/Lawyer at Höcker)
    Monica Bremer (partner at Bremer & de Zwaan)
    Language: English

  • Collective Ambition (14:00 – 17:30)

    Collective Ambition discusses the multimedia project If You Are Not There, Where Are You? (IYANTIWAY). This project covers the documentary Ik ben er even niet (Maartje Nevejan), the method and exhibition Mapping the Experience, then co-creations, the VR installation In My Absence, a website with 360° films a book and a research film. This programme zooms in on the unique  collaborations the project realised between artists and scientists, hands-on experts and film and interactive professionals. We discuss how a shared ambition for a subject like absences could lead to a project of so many facets, and which place it occupies in both the social, cultural and artistic fields.
    Break: 15:30 – 15:45
    Screening Ik ben er even niet: 15:45

    For more information on this project, go to Parallel to the Netherlands Film Festival, the exhibition Mapping the Experience is on display in Utrecht.

    Language: Dutch

  • Truth in times of Fakeness (14:30 – 15:30)

    In times of fake news, true-to-life VFX and emerging deep-fake algorithms that allow you to make people say things in videos they never said, we host a discussion about the grey zone between ‘real’ and ‘fake’. What are the dangers of these new technologies, but also: Which creative opportunities do these developments offer?

    Guests: Severin Sauliere (producer of Dalí Lives at Goodby Silverstein & Partners), Sezer Karaoglu (3DUniversum), Derpfakes (Deepfaker/Youtuber)
    Moderator: Monique van Dusseldorp (curator and moderator of media and tech events)
    Language: Engels

  • Assessing the future of Public Broadcasting (14:30 – 15:30)

    An update on current matters revolving the Dutch broadcasters and political debates around this topic.

    Guests: Marijke van Hees (Chairman Council for Culture) , Dr. Karin van Es (Utrecht University).
    Joost de Vries

  • From Idea to Insight (15:45 – 16:45)

    Some people claim: ‘The quality of Dutch cinema should improve’, ‘Our stories should become more diverse and unique’ and ‘The approach should change and allow more time for a proper development’. What does our sector need to become a healthy, creative and innovative work environment full of unique ideas? And can we implement improvements that can positively reach not only our stories, but also the professionals working in this sector?

    With: Jacqueline Blom (actress), Dennis Alink (director), Thomas van de Gronde (cinematographer)
    Moderator: Aldith Hunkar (journalist, presenter, anchor)
    Language: Dutch

  • The VOD Goldrush (15:45 – 16:45)

    More and more online services are vying for our attention and our money. But does the consumer really need five different VOD subscriptions? With European experts, we discuss the state of affairs in Europe. Topics addressed include the Digital Single Market, the possible discontinuation of online territories, but also new forms of providing content and financial models.

    Guests: Silvia Cibien (Eurovod), Jean-Baptiste Viaud (LaCinetek), Janneke Slöetjes (Director Public Policy Europe, Netflix)
    Moderator: Michael Gubbins (partner at Sampo Media)
    Language: English

  • Jumping the box (17:00 – 18:00)

    What can we learn from professionals who, apart from their work in the AV industry, are active in other areas as well? A meeting for and by interdisciplinary professionals who go about things slightly differently.

    Guests: Michael Middelkoop (director/children’s book writer), Miguel López Beraza
    (documentary director/script consultant/disaster relief architect), Ashley Baccus-Clark (multidisciplinary artist/cellular biologist)
    Moderator: Aldith Hunkar (journalist, presenter, anchor)
    Language: English