Tue 04 Sep 2018

NFF presents English programme 2018: tickets available

The Nederlands Film Festival (NFF) proudly presents its extended English programme. With over 50 film screenings – including last year’s blockbusters, awarded documentaries and festival premieres – and more than a 100 events in total, it offers the largest selection and range of Dutch audio visual productions accessible to English speaking visitors in the world. NFF takes place in Utrecht, between 27 September and 5 October. During the nine days of the festival, the public and professionals are catered to their needs. Tickets are now available at filmfestival.nl/en.

The public is invited to enjoy a variety of English spoken or subtitled screenings. A highlight is the selection of subtitled Dutch blockbusters of the previous year. These crowd pleasers are shown with English subtitles for the first time since their successful run at the cinemas. Ringing names are The Resistance BankerWild Amsterdam and Cobain. Also, several festival premieres feature English subtitled screenings, like Open SeasThe Voice of HollandLight as Feathersand My Foolish Heart. The documentary selection is equally strong, with revealing Dutch documentaries like Hoop & HeimweeThe Greenaway Alphabet and Independent Boy. Other films are prized Dutch co-productions, like Locarno competition feature Yesterday and Sundance alumni Holiday.

On top of the film selection, the festival offers plenty other treats to the English speaking audience. The NFF Interactive Expo shows the ten interactive productions running for a Golden Calf and is open daily during the festival. There are several international talks, both for professionals as well as enthusiasts from a.o. award winning game designer Adriaan de Jongh, Kubrick producer Jan Harlan, and Wenders DoP Jörg Widmer. During the NFF Professionals conference, English spoken sections like the Our Brave New World Sessions are of interest to the general public too.

Nederlands Film Festival specifically targets expats, international students, visitors and other interested audiences. Festival spokesperson Reinier Vriend: “Utrecht is a distinctly international city, in a distinctly international country. Outside of the festival, there is very little access to Dutch film and television for non-Dutch speakers, whereas this group is particularly keen to understand more of the culture and appreciate art. We want everyone to feel welcome at the festival. With this year’s campaign, we want to get the message out there: the Nederlands Film Festival is an international event that offers a treasure trove of essential Dutch cultural productions, whether you speak Dutch or not.”

Programme details can be found on filmfestival.nl/en. Screenings and events accessible for English speakers are marked with the tag ‘NFF English’. The NFF Professionals Programme – 28 September to 1 October – is also largely accessible for English speakers.

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