Wed 09 Oct 2019

Holland Film (M)eating

After an event during NFF 2018 when sub-prime chow was served up to Dutch and international guests, producer Joram Willink decided enough was enough. If other international film festivals and markets could delight the bellies of their guests (he cites the gastro delights of San Sebastian) then so could the Dutch.

Willink therefore set out to titillate the taste buds of HFM 2019 guests, together with Eline van Hagen of IJswater Film, New Amsterdam’s Miel van Welzen and filmmaker Fedde Hoekstra, serving up a sublime and delicious traditional Indonesian rijstaffel. The venue was Utrecht’s canal-side restaurant Troost & Proost, hosted by owner and culinary choreographer Jan van Rossum.

As expected, satisfaction levels rocketed, smiles were put back onto the faces of international guests, and countless producers, filmmakers and financiers returned for seconds and thirds (most notably the Brits and members of the international press).

“Food is the best way to the heart,” Willink said afterwards, “especially the heart of a film producer.”


  • Miel van Welzen (New Amsterdam Film Company):  saté and peanut sauce and atjar tjampoer (acid vegetables) + Kroepoek
  • Eline van Hagen (IJswater Films):  Inca Pepesan, Indian mackerel
  • Joram Willink (BIND film): Rendang (beef stew)
  • Fedde Hoekstra (Fedde Hoekstra) –  Seroendeng, tropical Fruit and fried banana chips
  • Jan van Rossum Tom-ka-ka (soup), Yellow rice, Gado-gado (vegetables) and coconut ice cream

Written by Nick Cunningham