Tue 01 Oct 2019

HFM Selection 2019: IMMER GERADE AUS

Pupkin Film’s feature project IMMER GERADE AUS – with the English title: BERLIN BLUES(Anna ven der Heide) is the third project of acclaimed screenwriter Anne Barnhorn, following THE DEFLOWERING OF EVA VAN END (2013, for which she won a Prix Europa) and THE PETER PAN MAN (2014, Golden Calves for best screenplay, best film and best actor).

The tragicomic mosaic film follows six Dutch students aged between 16 and 65 as they venture to Berlin to learn German in a language school. “It is an extremely good combination of absurd humour and dramatic friction – that combination for me as a producer is very important,” points out Pupkin chief Iris Otten.

Adds Pupkin creative producer Layla Meijman

With BERLIN BLUES we are looking to reach a broader audience and are therefore very happy to attach Anne van der Heide, who is one of Holland’s leading female directors and has a perfect sense of taste and humour for this project.”

Otten further explains how, ten years ago, when writer Anna was 25, just out of film school and suffering a depression, the only thing that kept her going was the German language course she was undertaking at that moment.

“She thought that this language course was a very good idea for a film. We also think that it is a great metaphor for what we want to express through this film, namely that everyone, no matter their age or stage in life, is constantly trying to find their place in this world. It explore the themes of life’s big challenges such as parenthood, fear of commitment and the age old question of what is happiness.”

Budgeted at €2.5 million the company is looking to complete finance in 2020 before a 2021 shoot. It has received script support from the Netherlands Film Fund and Creative Europe, and broadcaster AVROTROS is attached. The treatment was developed at the Sources 2 workshop. Otten is ready to apply to the Film Fund for project development support and at HFM is looking to talk to sales agents, as well as secure a German and possibly a Belgian co-producer which, she says would complete A PERFECT TRIANGLE for co-production.

“In Utrecht I am also conducting research into co-producing with Germany, and asking around to hear the experiences among Dutch producers and their tips and tricks, because this is for us a brand new adventure.”

Written by Nick Cunningham