Masterclasses & Seminars 2019

  • Masterclass Directing: Michael Engler

    As an American, Michael Engler is currently heading an English (TV) institution: the stately Downton Abbey. This TV series repeatedly managed to attract tens of millions of viewers. Engler previously directed several episodes of the series, but now he also takes this phenomenon to the cinema. And his track record stretches even further: he directed episodes of prime-time hits from Six Feet Under to Sex and the City, 30 Rock and Empire. Furthermore, he is active as a producer for projects such as The Big C with Laura Linney and the (nostalgia-filled, for many) teen series Party of Five.
    This Masterclass is in partnership with NBCUniversal and Dutch Directors Guild (DDG).
    Date: Saturday 28 September

  • Masterclass Production Design: Fiona Crombie

    This year, she clinched an Oscar nomination for Best Production Design with her work for Yorgos Lanthimos’ much-praised movie The Favourite. This 18th century period black comedy definitively put Australian production designer Fiona Crombie on the radar in the world of cinema. In this masterclass, she demonstrates her creative process and talks about selecting fabrics, cinematic ambiance and translating an idea into a set design.
    Date: Sunday 29 September

  • International NCE-Masterclass Editing

    The 9th International NCE Editing Masterclass this year welcomes Lee Smith, ACE, Smith is particularly known as Christopher Nolan’s regular editor and won an Oscar for his editing of Dunkirk. Incorporating fragments from his most famous projects, Smith talks about his work. Moderated by Dutch editor Job ter Burg
    Date: Saturday 28 September

  • Masterclass Music: Andy Hill

    How do you make ‘movie magic’ with the power of the perfect soundtrack? And what happens behind the scenes when searching for and creating the right music for a scene? Andy Hill is former Vice-President of Music Production for The Walt Disney Studios. In this inspiring masterclass, illustrated by numerous famous examples, he explains the role of music in cinema.
    Date: Sunday 29 September

  • Live Foley Workshop

    Mimic the sound of a murder with a smashed watermelon. During this Live Foley Workshop you see (and hear!) which sounds in a movie are real and which are fake. The prize-winning foley artists Caoimhe Doyle and Jean McGrath (The Favorite, Game of Thrones) take the audience on an interactive and auditory journey through well-known film and television excerpts.
    Date: Sunday 29 September

  • Seminar Animation: Ainbo & Undone

    Coproduction. In the Netherlands, it has been a well-known practice for producers and filmmakers for years. In the animation sector, too, where international knowledge sharing and collaboration become more and more frequent.
    Date: Monday 30 September

  • Internationale Masterclass Camera: Sophie Maintigneux

    A masterclass with renowned French/German cinematographer Sophie Maintigneux, in collaboration with the Netherlands Society of Cinematographers. She made her first film Le rayon vert (1986) together with French film celebrity Eric Rohmer and was an immediate hit. After this, everything went in a rush. At this point, Sophie has more than 70 feature films and documentaries to her name.

    Datum: Monday 30 September

  • Interactive Workshop: Miraculous Futures

    In a two-day speculative storytelling workshop, biologist and multidisciplinary artist Ashley Baccus-Clark and artist Klasien van de Zandschulp focus on Feminist Futures and World Building.