Masterclasses and Seminars 2020

This year the NFF Professionals Programme took place entirely online. In collaboration with a variety of partners, we offered a wide range of masterclasses and inspiring sessions at This year the NFF welcomed acclaimed speakers such as sound designer Nicolas Becker (ARRIVAL, GRAVITY, DAU), visual effects artist, production designer and director Robert Stromberg (AVATAR, ALICE IN WONDERLAND, THE BFG) and composer Kris Bowers (WHEN THEY SEE US, GREEN BOOK, DEAR WHITE PEOPLE).

Programme 2020

Saturday 26th of September

  • Masterclass Kim Keukeleire

    A look behind the scenes with animation star Kim Keukeleire. In the masterclass, we take a deep dive into the design processes of animations she created in films such as Tim Burton’s FRANKENWEENIE, and Wes Anderson’s ISLE OF DOGS and FANTASTIC MR. FOX. How does a dog move? What does a fox look like if it walks on two feet? Kim Keukeleire also shows how she interprets a directorial vision, and we learn about the research a stop-motion director needs to create the right movement.

  • NFF Fuckup Night

    During the NFF Fuckup Night, professionals from the audiovisual sector will share their worst fiascos, biggest mistakes and most fatal errors of judgment, which in spite of everything they look back on thankfully and with a sense of humour. Flops, setbacks, wrong decisions, fails… they are part of life and have a lot to offer. Especially in creative professions, mistakes are indispensable to progress. They are part of the process. They help you take new directions or start all over again. Embracing your mistakes can lead to wonderful and unexpected results.

  • Masterclass Robert Stromberg

    Multi-talented two-time Oscar winner Robert Stromberg is not ruled by labels or conventions, but follows his imagination. He is equally at home with direction as with production design or visual effects. As a production designer, he has worked on such films as James Cameron’s AVATAR and Tim Burton’s ALICE IN WONDERLAND. His directing credits include Disney’s MALEFICENT, and he has worked on nearly 100 films in the visual effects department. Robert Stromberg’s masterclass focuses on the design process in film, from first ideas to final render.

    This session is made possible in part by Videoland Academy.

Sunday 27th of September

  • Camera Seminar: Inspiration and Image Layers

    In this seminar, a panel of four diverse Dutch Directors of Photography will discuss inspiration and quality. Using a wide variety of visual examples, they will talk about creative courage, and how to translate what moves and intrigues you into camerawork. What would happen if you didn’t stick to conventional methods for once? What would it do for you as a maker and for the project if you added extra narrative layers on set, and how would you go about it?

    With: Myrthe Mosterman NSC, Aziz Al Dilaimi, Richard van Oosterhout NSC & others.
    Moderator: Joris Bulstra NSC
    In collaboration with the Netherlands Society of Cinematographers (NSC).
    Price: €7,99
    Start: 10:00 – 12:00

  • NCE Editors’ Panel

    Dutch editors Dorith VinkenSander VosKatharina WartenaRuben van der Hammen and Annelotte Medema will discuss each other’s work on the basis of their own choice of excerpts from the work of the other panel members. Led by presenter Isolde Hallensleben, they will share their fascinations and inspirations. What do editors see when they look at other editors’ work? And to what extent does it influence their own?
    This programme is part of the annual meeting of the NCE, the Dutch Association of Cinema Editors.

    Price: €7,99
    Start: 15:00 – 17:00

  • Masterclass Kris Bowers

    Piano and film is a magical combination, as old as the medium itself. Virtuoso pianist and composer Kris Bowers has written music for films including When They See Us (Ava Duvernay) and Green Book (Peter Farrelly), in which he also acted as a piano double for actor Mahershala Ali. The combination of classical music and Hollywood glamour gave him his unique sound. In collaboration with the Dutch Film Composers (DFC/BCMM) and Buma Music in Motion.

    Price: €7,99
    Start: 20:00 – 22:00

Monday 28th of September

  • Story Academy presents: Writersroom 2.0

    A movie idea that never gets off the shelf? A screenplay that has already been finished, but could do with a push? The live online Writersroom 2.0 by the Story Academy of ROSE Stories and NFF is the perfect opportunity for writers to get their concept or script moving in the right direction. Writers and creators who are not beginners but still need a little help to advance their project can pitch and polish their stories with professional help. Each participant will have half an hour to present their story to the audience.

    Start: 10:00 – 12:00
    This programme is free.

  • Aminata Cairo: Embracing the Voices and Stories Untold

    A keynote from Aminata Cairo, Lector of Inclusive Education at The Hague University of Applied Sciences, about how we as a sector can do more in the field of diversity and inclusion. In collaboration with Film Forward. More information will be available soon.

    Start: 13:30 – 14:30
    This programme is free.

  • Paul Tyler – How to Map Story Logic

    Paul Tyler is known in the film world as the ‘LEGO Man’. Armed with a suitcase full of LEGO, he invites teams to ‘map’ their movie idea with figures on a big table. This gives makers the opportunity to view their project objectively from a distance, and to improve their insight into the development of their story and characters. During the NFF, Paul Tyler will give a short public masterclass on screenwriting, creative writing processes and story development in writers rooms. The group will then take a seat at the table and Paul will do a live mapping session with them on the basis of an HFM project. This will be on camera for the audience to follow at home.

    15:00 – 17:00

Wednesday 30th of September

  • Masterclass with Anca Damian

    Arthouse powerhouse Anca Damian can’t be pigeonholed. She trained as a cinematographer in Bucharest and started out as a DOP before moving into animation direction, production and writing. Anca Damian releases a feature film almost every year, from documentary and drama to musical. Her movies have been screened and have won awards at festivals including Annecy, Hong Kong, Sundance, Thessaloniki, TIFF, CPH:DOX, SxSW, European Film Awards, Karlovy Vary and Dok Leipzig. As the only Romanian female director who enjoys international success, she campaigns for the normalisation of women in the audiovisual sector in Europe, especially in the role of director.

    Price: €7,99
    Start: 10:00 – 12:00

  • Masterclass with Nicolas Becker

    We generally think of film primarily as a visual medium, but sound is just as important. For anyone fascinated by the power of sound in film and other art forms, Nicolas Becker’s masterclass is not to be missed. He has worked as a sound designer, foley artist, composer and musician on major Hollywood productions such as ARRIVAL (Denis Villeneuve) and GRAVITY (Alfonso Cuarón), and also the vast art project DAU. A thoroughly interactive masterclass in collaboration with the association of film and TV sound professionals Vereniging Constructief Audio (VCA), and the sound design department of HKU University of the Arts.

    Price: €7,99
    Start: 14:00 – 16:00

  • Masterclass with John Gonzalez

    A masterclass with the narrative director of the game Horizon Zero Dawn, John Gonzalez, on writing non-linear stories, working with interactive media, creating authentic environments and characters, and the way techniques from the film and game world overlap.

    Price: €7,99
    Start:  20:00 – 21:58

Thursday 1st of October

  • Mission of the New Maker

    During the programme Mission of the New Maker, a variety of speakers will share their experience of holding on to their own way of thinking, and how they achieve the result they desire in their film.

    Presentation: Margje de Koning
    In collaboration with the CoBO Fund.
    Start: 14:00 – 17:00
    This programme is free.