Your Mum and Dad

Klaartje Quirijns Long documentary - 2019 - 76 min.
All ages
Foul language

From the moment we are born we play a role. Is this role enforced on us by our parents or is it the direct consequence of their behaviour? Nature versus nurture, in a personal documentary essay with a psychoanalytic dimension.

'They fuck you up, your mum and dad. They may not mean to but they do.’The first verses from Philip Larkin’s famous poem spark off a personal, essayistic documentary in which Quirijns asks questions about her ‘role’ within her family. Illustrated by therapeutic sessions of two different men, added to her personal story, she tries to find answers to pressing questions. Super 8 home movies of arbitrary families act as mirrors, showing anonymous faces with emotions we all know or recognise.


Your Mum and Dad

Louis Hartlooper Complex 1 Sat 28 Sep 19:30 - 21:02 11,00

Forum van de Regisseurs | Your Mum and Dad

Louis Hartlooper Complex 2 Sun 29 Sep 19:00 - 21:04 11,00

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Filmcollege Your Mum and Dad

Kinepolis Jaarbeurs 7 Mon 30 Sep 09:15 - 12:32 19,50

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Your Mum and Dad

Kinepolis Jaarbeurs 2 Thu 3 Oct 13:00 - 14:53 11,00

Screened with short documentary Father, including a Q&A with director Isabel Lamberti. English subtitles. 


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Klaartje Quirijns
Jason Brooks
Richard van Oosterhout
Antonio Ferrera
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