Sara Kolster Short documentary - 2019 - 16 min.
All ages

Kess is about to enter secondary school. What should she tell her new classmates about her sister Bo, who died when Kess was almost five?Intimate portrait addressing grief and identity.

It is summertime. Kess enjoys her holiday with friends in the outdoor pool. She has just bid farewell to primary school and prepares to go to secondary school. Her elder sister Bo passed away when Kess was almost five years old. Since then, she lives in a house full of memories. She carefully keeps Bo's things, hoping this will preserve their bond. At the same time, she is afraid her memories of Bo will gradually fade.


Production Company
Executive Producer
Anouk Houtman
Director of Photography
Sound Design
Sound on Set
TV Company
Tonke Koppelaar
Sara Kolster
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