Willem - Houten pak

Paul Geusebroek Short film - 2018 - 4 min.
All ages

Even before the song has really started, the euphoria of a packed Alpha Tent at Lowlands has shifted to a deeply private situation, in Willem’s first solo video since the breakup of The Opposites.

The birth of a child coincides with the depression the rapper went through in real life too. Director Paul Geusebroek (who previously madeSukkel voor de Liefdefor The Opposites) surrounds Willem with shadows and other darkness. The video alternately breathes hope and despair in poetic images that correspond with the lyrics: a loving message cloaked in a macabre guise.


Director(s) Paul Geusebroek
Producer(s) Job Sanders
Production Company HALAL Pictures
Director of Photography
Menno Mans, NSC
Production Design
Sound Design
Visual Effects
Production Country