Wij de dingen

Nathalie Faber Short documentary - 2019 - 45 min.

Documentary about people’s relationship with things in their daily surroundings, in the form of short stories. Actress Raymonde de Kuyper gives the objects a voice. And are objects our property or is the relationship a bit more complicated?

A documentary about people’s relationship with things. We see everyday objects as our property, but isn’t there more to it than that? We empathise with other people, but what if you empathise with things in your daily surroundings?
The film is a collection of short stories. About a collector living the good life in France, an artist couple who let themselves be moved by the things around them, a ‘Parliament of Things’ group session, in which people identify with things, and a refugee philosopher from China who had to leave behind all his things. Actress Raymonde de Kuyper narrates the Voice of Things.


Wij de dingen

Pathé Rembrandt 3 Sun 29 Sep 19:00 - 20:06 11,00

NFF Debuutcompetitie 6

Kinepolis Jaarbeurs 2 Thu 3 Oct 16:00 - 17:50 11,00

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Wij de dingen | De wijde wereld

Kinepolis Jaarbeurs 3 Fri 4 Oct 19:30 - 21:36 11,00


Director(s) Nathalie Faber
Producer(s) Nathalie Faber
Production Company 60 Layers of Cake foundation
Director of Photography
Matthijs Immink
Philip Smeulers
Nathalie Faber
Still Photography
Matthijs Immink
Production Country
Netherlands, France