What Remains

belit sağ Short film - 2019 - 8 min.

In the Kurdish city of Cizre, many people are trapped between life and death, between past and present. With her images, the originally Turkish video artist belit sağ conjures up the spirits.

In her philosophical oeuvre, the Amsterdam-based Turkish video artist belit sağ examines the ‘violence of images and images of violence’. This film consists of images she made in 2015 and 2016 of collective mourning in Cizre, a Kurdish city on the Turkish-Syrian border, plusfound footagefrom Turkey. She focuses on the use of images of deceased people in the mourning process. She shows that images can not only manipulate, but also link us to the people caught between life and death, past and present.


Het wonder van Le Petit Prince

Louis Hartlooper Complex 4 Sat 28 Sep 22:15 - 23:55 11,00

Ganz: How I Lost My Beetle

Louis Hartlooper Complex 5 Sun 29 Sep 22:15 - 23:57 11,00

Inner Landscape

Louis Hartlooper Complex 4 Mon 30 Sep 22:00 - 23:42 11,00


Director(s) belit sağ
Producer(s) belit sağ
Production Company belit sağ
Production Country