Floortje Pols Short film - 2019 - 12 min.

Sensual but dispassionate drama about expectations, confrontations and attempts to appear invulnerable.

The two characters in this short drama get carried away by each other’s behaviour. They shield their emotions and avoid confrontation – or on the contrary go head to head. Anything to keep their footing, gain dominance over the other, or not appear vulnerable. Watching this, the viewer gets the feeling of being stuck between the desire for invulnerability and the pursuit of reconciliation.


Director(s) Floortje Pols
Script Floortje Pols
Producer(s) Floortje Pols
Production Company
Associate Producer
Tessa Deurloo
Margot Aarts
Dre Pols
Claire Hoofwijk
Director of Photography
Job van Bijsteren
Production Design
Floortje Pols
Floortje Pols
Sound Design
Sound on Set
Max Ploeg
Visual Effects
Lieke Gorter
Annemieke Ros
Concept Development
Floortje Pols
Claire Hoofwijk
Hugo Jansen
Graphic Design
Mabel Pols
Mabel Pols
Production Country