Voetbal is oorlog

Hans Heijnen Long documentary - 2018 - 84 min.
All ages
Foul language

Documentary about the soccer family that risked everything to beat the other half of the village. This led to the drama of Achilles '29, the first amateur club being promoted to the professional Jupiler League.

Achilles '29 from Groesbeek is one of the best amateur soccer clubs in recent decades. They managed to escape the parochial rivalry by being the first amateur club to be promoted to the professional competition: the Jupiler League. This bred bad blood among the five other amateur soccer clubs in the village. Achilles were punching above their weight and they will regret it. In the 2016-2017 season, Achilles '29, with mainly the Derks family at the helm, have to bring this adventure to a happy conclusion, commercially and competitively.


Director(s) Hans Heijnen
Script Hans Heijnen
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