Verliefd op Cuba

Johan Nijenhuis Feature film - 2019 - 108 min.
Twelve plus
Drug and alcohol abuse
Foul language

After Tuscany and Ibiza, romcom specialist Johan Nijenhuis now directs Cupid’s arrows at Cuba for a balmy feel-good flick.

After her divorce, Loes is completely disillusioned in love. When her daughter Maartje intends to tie the knot with a Cuban guy, Loes promptly books a flight to the Caribbean island to prove her future son-in-law is only interested in a residence permit. But of course, in this vacation paradise, Loes learns more about love than she had ever expected.


Production Company
Director of Photography
Production Design
Carlos Urdanivia
Costume Design
Sound Design
Sound on Set
Susan Visser
Abbey Hoes
Jan Kooijman
Rolf Sanchez
Niek Roozen
Maaike Martens
Tjebbo Gerritsma
Barbara Sloesen
Anouk Maas
Mareya Salazar
Aurora Basnuevo
Jorge Martinez
TV Company
Still Photography
Production Country
Netherlands, Cuba