Vergeet punt

Huib Dieltjens - 2019 - 0 min.

Interactive installation about stress effects on young people’s brains. Is it possible to selectively ignore or simply forget incoming stimuli? And could this prevent dementia in the long run?

Stress at a young age seems to be far removed from the brain disease of dementia. Yet, there is a clear connection between the two. This interactive installation, driven by artificial intelligence, makes objective associations betweenvisuals and thoughts. This combination causes the brain to produce new perceptions, so thoughts can be parked sooner. The rationale being: the better the brain learns to think selectively, the smaller the odds of dementia later on.


Director(s) Huib Dieltjens
Producer(s) Huib Dieltjens
Production Company Willem de Kooning Academie
Marlies Smulders
Jeroen van Loon
Concept Development
Jeroen Bouweriks
Olivier Otten
Hans Foks
Technical Realisation
Niek Dieltjens
Production Country