Venus Pool

Luciënne Venner Short film - 2019 - 4 min.

Seeing your partner in a dream as a sea urchin: What could it mean? Dream dialogue between different mysterious women on an idyllic island, yielding a dance of dreaming and roaming.

A young woman spends her holiday on an idyllic island with her girlfriend. When she shares an intimate dream about marine creatures, her lover – who appeared in the dream as a sea urchin – reacts sternly. At midnight, the young woman steals from the holiday home and roams around the bay of Venus Pool. She arrives at a gate that gives her access to her deepest longings. Director Venner herself composed the music for a film that is spoken in the Limburg dialect. A dream dialogue between two mysterious women, producing a dance of dreaming and roaming.


Production Company
Director of Photography
Production Design
Sound Design
Eva Bartels
Carla de Gioannis
Luciënne Venner
Still Photography
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