Un Chanteur Invisible

Hannah van Tassel Short documentary - 2019 - 27 min.

Poetic documentary about the intangible mistral, which blows across the Provence some 130 days a year. What are the traces that this notorious, disturbing wind leaves on the landscape and its inhabitants?

Some 130 days a year, the unpredictable and cold mistral rages across the French Provence region. This notorious wind leaves its traces in the landscape and in the lives of the people living in the area. It disturbs, challenges, plagues and inspires. Stories by various inhabitants of the region paint a personal portrait of the mistral phenomenon. Or are their stories chiefly a reflection of the people themselves? This poetic documentary looks for the meaning of this magisterial wind and gradually mixes the palpable with the intangible.


Director of Photography
Sound Design
Sound on Set
Mithras Cabolet
Nico Maas
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