Ultrakort - Blind Date

Camiel Schouwenaar Short film - 2019 - 2 min.
All ages

During her first date with Bas, Bodine hides her thick glasses. She shouldn’t have. This way, they are literally having a blind date. Or can their romantic evening still be saved?

Bodine is looking forward to her first date with Bas. Before he joins her at the dinner table, she quickly takes off her thick glasses. But what should have been a romantic night out ends in failure. Bodine has trouble deciphering the menu and Bas lacks table manners. When he asks her to dance and drags her wildly across the dancefloor, Bodine realises they are a mismatch. Until she puts her glasses back on. Made within the framework of Ultrakort.


Kort: Kids special

Louis Hartlooper Complex 3 Sun 29 Sep 11:30 - 12:47 11,00

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Kinepolis Jaarbeurs 1 Mon 30 Sep 19:30 - 21:27 11,00

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Ultrakort - Blind Date

During her first date with Bas, Bodine hides her thick glasses. She shouldn’t have. This way, they are literally having a blind date. Or can their romantic evening still be saved?

Duration: 2min
Director(s): Camiel Schouwenaar
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Q&A - Ultrakort - Blind Date


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De wereld aan je voeten

Kinepolis Jaarbeurs 3 Thu 3 Oct 15:45 - 17:21 11,00


Director(s) Camiel Schouwenaar
Producer(s) Martin Venema
Production Company
Production Design
Bastiaan Hooimeijer
Marlon Regien
Sound Design
Albert Secuur
Leonieke Toering
Bastiaan Hooimeijer
Maarten Heinstra
Marlon Regien
Dirk Balding
Merel Wormmeester
Gabriela Kodzhabasheva
Martin Venema
Production Country