Esther Pardijs Short documentary - 2019 - 56 min.

Gouden Kalf-nominatie

Beste Korte Documentaire Esther Pardijs

What if your child turns out to be a sports talent and at an early age ends up in a world full of expectations, stress, disappointments and sacrifices – just like yourself? Personal documentary about a complex pedagogical paradox.

Intimate documentary in which the director observes her gifted nine-year-old son and the way she guides him in the world of gymnastics. She also follows other parents who are in the same top-sport boat, and points the camera at the coach. How do you best support a child, while being a parent and instinctively struggling with the same expectations, stress and disappointments? On the one hand, parents hope their child will excel, but on the other they primarily want a happy child and successes are ‘really’ less important.



Louis Hartlooper Complex 1 Sat 28 Sep 17:00 - 18:14 11,00


Kinepolis Jaarbeurs 3 Tue 1 Oct 18:45 - 20:32 11,00


Pathé Rembrandt 2 Wed 2 Oct 21:45 - 23:23 11,00

Turn! | Keeper

Kinepolis Jaarbeurs 3 Thu 3 Oct 12:45 - 15:20 11,00


Director(s) Esther Pardijs
Producer(s) Wout Conijn
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Director of Photography
Ralf Verbeek
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