Trapped in the City of a Thousand Mountains

David Verbeek Short documentary - 2018 - 24 min.

A new phenomenon is conquering the internet: authentic Chinese rap. But at the same time the rappers are struggling with the question what they can and cannot do under the newly announced censorship.

Surveillance cameras galore in the large Chinese city of Chongqing, accompanied by the warning that 'morally suspect individuals’ will forfeit their right to public speech. Not exactly the most encouraging environment for young people looking for something else than government slogans. With their tattoos and hip hop, they express artistic resistance. A trip through the night of Chongqing with its subculture of rappers, who are also conquering the internet, where censorship awaits them. 'I just want to express my feelings', one of them explains.


De waarheid over mijn vader

Pathé Rembrandt 3 Sat 28 Sep 20:45 - 22:17 11,00


Louis Hartlooper Complex 2 Mon 30 Sep 18:00 - 20:06 11,00

Screened with short documentary Trapped in the City of a Thousand Mountains. English subtitles.

Forum van de Regisseurs | Trapped in the City of a Thousand Mountains & Kabul, City in the Wind

Louis Hartlooper Complex 2 Wed 2 Oct 18:00 - 20:40 11,00

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Director(s) David Verbeek
Producer(s) Jos de Putter
Production Company Dieptescherpte
Prisca van der Mullen
Director of Photography
Sound Design
Sound on Set
David Verbeek
Prisca van der Mullen
Jegor van Opdorp
Production Country
Netherlands, China