The Walking Fish

Thessa Meijer Short film - 2019 - 19 min.

Gouden Kalf-nominatie

Beste Korte Film Thessa Meijer

An ambitious amphibian wants to discover the world of humans. Her desire is so strong that she transforms into a human. But even as a young woman, she keeps striving for more. Will she ever be satisfied?

This tragicomic film tells the story of an ambitious sea creature that chases her dream to belong to the world of humans. But even when she transforms into a young woman, Mutsumi is not fulfilled. On land, she finds new goals; to be the most beautiful woman, to pursue a successful career, to be the ideal girlfriend. Will she ever be satisfied and able to enjoy her journey? Mutsumi’s story is told by the people that love her for who she is: her half-brother Yori, friend Aki and boyfriend Shogo.


Production Company
Nikki Tsukamoto Kininmonth
Max de Wolf
Director of Photography
Production Design
Costume Design
Sound Design
Sound on Set
Hummingbird Music
Mado Karasumori
Koume Hiwatari
Shogo Amo
Yuito Oshima
Ayaka Takezaki
Yuki Fujisawa
Hagie Higuchi
Kazumi Inadomi
Production Country
Japan, Netherlands