The Secret Room - A Journey into the Universe of Odin Teatret

Janica Draisma Long documentary - 2019 - 94 min.
Nine plus

Cinematographic mix of documentary and fiction about the Danish Odin Teatret; a close-knit group of theatre makers who have been collaborating for fifty years. How does the group hold out, now that older members pass away?

In a mix of documentary and fiction, this film takes us on a trip through the universe of Odin Teatret, a unique theatre company founded in 1964 by the famous Italian stage director Eugenio Barba (1936) and housed in an old farm in Denmark. How does this theatre family manage to stay together for more than five decades? With the passing of time, the close-knit group has to deal with the fleetingness of life, in an existence where the stage and everyday reality are so close together.


Production Company
Director of Photography
Janica Draisma
Menno Boerema
Sound Design
Huibert Boon
Sound on Set
Pjotr van Dijk
Claire Pijman
Production Country
Netherlands, Denmark