The Great Pretenders

Simone Peelen Short documentary - 2020 - 15 min.
All ages

This short experimental documentary is a quirky portrait of four people with a job that appeals to the imagination: impersonator. What does this work do to their own identity?

For their work as impersonators, Merante, Timothy, Marciano and Frank travel across the world to entertain people or to fill the void of celebrities who have passed. What does this peculiar work do to their own identity? Do they manage, despite everything, to preserve their Dutch common sense? By using a green screen, a contrasting image is presented of two extremes in this illusion-filled life: the glamourous life the four may have had in mind, and a reality that can look quite different.


Director(s) Simone Peelen
Producer(s) Richard Valk
Production Company
Valk Productions
Director of Photography
Niels Dekker
Simone Peelen
Sound Design
Sound Editor
Sound on Set
Freek Vrijhof
Bram van Kaauwen
Linne Beck
Visual Effects
Production Country