Teledoc Campus - Personae

Maartje Bakers Short documentary - 2020 - 25 min.
All ages

Gouden Kalf nominee

Beste Korte Documentaire Maartje Bakers

Intimate, surprising and very photographic observations of five women. Self-consciously, they decide how to show themselves to the world, but do their choices show who they really are, or do they obey conventions?

Like most western women, Dutch women enjoy the freedom to make their own choices in the way they look. But are these really their individual choices? This documentary essay observes five women from the moment they open their eyes in the morning to the moment they are ready to face the outside world. In the bedroom, an intimate metamorphosis unfolds that invites reflection on what it means ‘to be yourself' in a world in which a truthful representation of women is far from evident.


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