Teledoc Campus - Overtijd

Tessa Louise Pope Short documentary - 2019 - 25 min.

Remorse, doubt, grief and shame are all familiar emotions for young women having an abortion. Three of them share their experiences and break the taboo.

Commiserate with three brave young women who all terminated a pregnancy. Now, they talk about the process they went through and how it made them feel. About finding out they were pregnant, the curettage, their doubts, the discussions they had, the grief, the shame and how these experiences played a role in their lives. They speak powerfully, but also plainly and intimately about the details of matters that are still often surrounded by taboos.


Director(s) Tessa Louise Pope
Producer(s) Maarten Kuit
Production Company Hazazah Pictures
Sam Godfried
Director of Photography
Sound Design
Sound on Set
TV Company
Production Country