Sweet Terror of Memory – ΨΙΘΥΡΟΙ

Ilse Frech Short film - 2018 - 15 min.
Ilse Frech’s family history blends with several traumatic events in world history in this eccentric film about war, trauma and forced migration. We do not see these events, but they are represented by stylised shots provided with a poetic voice-over. This way, this personal film transcends Frech’s family history and touches on universal ideas about the formation of identity and the search for solidarity. 


Korte Films 3 (uitverkocht)

Pathé Rembrandt 3 Sat 29 Sep 18:30 - 19:51

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Liefde is aardappelen

Louis Hartlooper Complex 3 Thu 4 Oct 16:00 - 17:45

Int. title: Love Is Potatoes. English subtitles.


Director(s) Ilse Frech
Script Ilse Frech
Producer(s) Ilse Frech