Roel Reiné Feature film - 2018 - 155 min.
Sixteen plus
Foul language
Redbad, son of King Aldgisl, questions his people’s antiquated heathen rituals. When during a sacrificial rite the Franks attack the city and Redbad’s uncle Eibert seizes power, Redbad is blamed for the defeat and his father’s death. By way of capital punishment, he is bound to a raft and pushed out to sea. But Redbad manages to survive the journey and washes up on Viking shores. He is slowly accepted into the clan and marries King Wiglek’s daughter. When he and his wife return to Dorestad, he finds out his sister has been married off and at a fair he witnesses how Willibrord the priest forces her to convert. He vows to set her free. He cannot do this alone, but his uncle and nephew’s army seems no match for the invincible Franks.