Penoza, the Final Chapter

Diederik van Rooijen Feature film - 2019 - 116 min.
Sixteen plus
Foul language

Gouden Kalf nominee

Best Costume Design Bho Roosterman

The Black Widow is still alive! When she emerges from her hiding place, she is confronted by a Mexican drug cartel - and other parties that still have a score to settle.

At the end of the TV series Penoza, it looked like drug queen Carmen van Walraven had drowned. But in the feature film sequel it turns out the Black Widow is alive and kicking - and has gone into hiding in Canada. After an incident where she kills someone in self-defence, she is arrested and extradited to the Netherlands. Here, she gets on the wrong side of a Mexican drug cartel, to mention one plotline. To save her family, Carmen will finally have to put her past behind her. 


Production Company
Executive Producer
Director of Photography
Willem Helwig
Production Design
Costume Design
Sound Design
Sound Editor
Sound on Set
Visual Effects
Rick Wiessenhaan
Harry Wiessenhaan
TV Company
Production Country
Netherlands, Canada, Spain