Martin Koolhoven Feature film - 2008 - 103 min.
Twelve plus
Foul language

Gouden Kalf winner

Beste Acteur Martijn Lakemeier

Beste Mannelijke Bijrol Raymond Thiry

Beste Production Design Floris Vos

Beste Scenario Paul Jan Nelissen

Gouden Kalf nominee

Beste Camera Guido van Gennep, NSC

Beste Lange Speelfilm San Fu MalthaEls Vandevorst

Beste Regie Martin Koolhoven

Beste Scenario Mieke de JongMartin Koolhoven

Beste Sound Design Herman Pieëte, CAS

Other prizes

Platina Film (400.000 bezoekers speelfilm)

Gouden Film (100.000 bezoekers speelfilm)

Successful adaptation of the famous novel Winter in Wartime follows a fourteen-year-old boy who tries to help the Dutch resistance with youthful idealism, but is gradually confronted with the cruel reality of war.

The adaptation of Jan Terlouw's famous novel Oorlogswinter was a big crowd-puller for young and old in late 2008, early 2009. The story, consistently shot in white winter light, is set during the last, severe winter of World War II in a village near Zwolle. The fourteen-year-old mayor's son Michiel disagrees with his father's moderate course and would love to follow the example set by his uncle Ben, who is in the resistance. When Michiel gets acquainted with an English pilot in hiding, he decides to single-handedly help the young and wounded aviator escape. Indecisive as to what exactly he should do, but determined to be of some consequence in the war, the introverted Michiel prepares his plan. Director Koolhoven presents on the one hand a thrilling adventure with wild chases and spectacular escape attempts and on the other the confusing experiences of a teenager who sees everything, but does not grasp yet what adults (in wartime) are capable of.


Production Company
Antonino Lombardo
Jasper van der Schalie
Executive Producer
Director of Photography
Production Design
Sound Design
Sound on Set
TV Company
Production Country