O amor é único

Marina Meijer Short documentary - 2018 - 50 min.

The universal longing for love does not leave the aged Brazilian widow Dona Alva (80) unmoved either. When a guy forty years her junior comes into view, she brushes aside all good advice.

Living on a hill in Brazil, surrounded by palm and banana trees, is Dona Alva, aka the Macho Woman. Having entered into a loveless marriage at 14, after a life of hard work she is alone again at 77. Her husband is dead. Grieving but resolute, she moves down to a little village where she must reinvent her life between the bar and the church. Unmoved by the concerns of her relatives, Alva falls for a good-natured and much younger handyman. This portrait unfolds like a melancholy ballad.


Director(s) Marina Meijer
Producer(s) Marina Meijer
Production Company Xenia Films
Director of Photography
Sound Design
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