'Nu verandert er langzaam iets'

mint film office Long documentary - 2018 - 107 min.

Pronounced film about our contemporary search for meaning, personal growth and performance. Where does this longing for self-fulfilment come from? Are we ever good enough?

This visualisation of the contemporary coaching and training culture examines, in fixed, wide camera angles, different forms of self-fulfilment and courses for inner growth and performance enhancement. Without protagonists, interviews or voice-overs, the film observes therapy sessions with animals, a lesson in happiness for primary schoolchildren and a vlogger who tries to calm down her stressed out followers with soft and soothing sounds. It is up to the viewer to decide whether all this symbolises something bigger.


'Nu verandert er langzaam iets'

Kinepolis Jaarbeurs 1 Sat 28 Sep 22:15 - 00:31 11,00

Forum van de Regisseurs | 'Nu verandert er langzaam iets'

Louis Hartlooper Complex 2 Sun 29 Sep 15:00 - 17:35 11,00

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'Nu verandert er langzaam iets'

Louis Hartlooper Complex 4 Tue 1 Oct 16:00 - 17:58 11,00

Screened with short film Een nieuw begin. English subtitles. 


Director(s) mint film office
Production Company mint film office
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