Timo Ottevanger Short film - 2019 - 23 min.

Short drama about young women in a male-dominated, dystopian city. Here, 17-year-old Valentina tries to find personal freedom in a women’s gang that tries to fight this injustice.

In a dystopian city where men oppress women, young Valentina flees from her pimp Zéro. She ends up in the Ningyo gang, an extremist gang of women who do everything to reverse the roles in this world. The leader of the gang preps Valentina for her ultimate challenge: to murder Zéro. But when the big moment arrives in this short drama, she decides to choose her own path in a world full of extremes.


Production Company
Director of Photography
Dionne Cats
Production Design
Nadine Klingen
Noa van Nielen
Costume Design
Mijs de Wit
Sound Design
Meghan van der Meer
Sound on Set
Visual Effects
Annelotte Coster
Melody van Gompel
Sue-Ann Bel
Ayisha Siddiqi
Esther Low
Jasmine Karimova
Arnost Kraus
Kok-Hwa Lie
Steven Ivo
Wenyinmi Stoutjesdijk
Mlungisi Nkala
Inge Kea
Shauni Bodine
Janna Maars
Wouter Oosterwijk
Kato van der Raadt
Alessio Reedijk
Esther Murdock
Production Country