Raymon Hilkman Short film - 2019 - 18 min.

May 1945: The Netherlands has been liberated, but not everyone is celebrating. Wies, for example, is ashamed because her daughter is pregnant by a German. She tries to hide her from the outside world.

WW II has just ended. The Dutch celebrate the liberation, but not Wies’ family. Wies lives with her husband and two daughters and runs a grocery store. In the war, her daughter Nellie got pregnant, by a German. Her head was shaved bald by the merry-making hordes as a traitor. Wies’ dilemma now is: to live in shame, or choose for her child and grandchild?


Director(s) Raymon Hilkman
Script Milou Rohde
Raymon Hilkman
Producer(s) Muriƫl Horst
Raymon Hilkman
Production Company
Dagmar Nietsch
Idris Bakker
Director of Photography
Wouter Verheul
Production Design
Costume Design
Koosje Janssen
Sound Design
Nick van Noort
Jesse Grooten
Willemien Slot
Gonny Gaakeer
Anna Joan
Alexander Woudt
Bart Klop
Jan Elbertse
Production Country