Mocro maffia

Bobby Boermans, Giancarlo Sanchez Television drama - 2018 - 42 min.
Drug and alcohol abuse
Sixteen plus
Foul language

Gouden Kalf-nominatie

Beste Acteur Televisiedrama Oussama Ahammoud

Beste Televisiedrama Bobby BoermansGiancarlo Sanchez

Crime series around three friends who end up in a fierce drug war that has Amsterdam in its grip. Cocaine trade, rip deals, revenge and weapons undermine their friendship.

The three friends Romano, Potlood and De Paus get promoted from petty swindles to harder crime. Soon, they hold sway over the entire cocaine trade in Amsterdam. But the trio ends up diametrically opposed to each other due to jealousy, rip deals and grievances. When the first people get killed, a side-tracked crime journalist and his inquisitive intern smell a scoop. Thrilling drama series, inspired by true events from the eponymous book about a lingering gang war that claims many victims.


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