Missie NS

Catherine van Campen Long documentary - 2019 - 83 min.

Documentary about the familiar national railway company as an allegory of our society. After all, every Dutch person knows the Nederlandse Spoorwegen. And they all have an opinion about it.

Too late, too expensive, too crowded. Every Dutch person has an opinion about the NS, and not always a positive one. The network of the national railway company is like a vascular system that has to function in a body full of economical, practical and political considerations. The Centrale Controlekamer is the beating heart where everything comes together: from calamities to practical matters. From here, this mosaic tale follows two starkly contrasting worlds. On the one hand the formal head office, where people work heart and soul to make the image more customer-friendly and where a video or vlog is made for every meeting as a boost for the staff. On the other hand the shop floor, where another reality often reigns than the story the people working there have to propagate. The silences and talks, the quarrels and reconciliation, and the humour in the compartments and at the stations turn out to be a thermometer for the moral climate in the Netherlands.


Publiekspremière Missie NS

Stadsschouwburg - DE Zaal Sun 29 Sep 20:00 - 21:47 13,00

Missie NS

Louis Hartlooper Complex 1 Wed 2 Oct 13:30 - 15:34 11,00

Missie NS

Louis Hartlooper Complex 2 Thu 3 Oct 19:30 - 21:05 11,00

Missie NS

Kinepolis Jaarbeurs 3 Fri 4 Oct 13:30 - 15:00 11,00


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Céline Villevoye
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