Kevin Boitelle Short film - 2019 - 11 min.

A man finds an empty milkshake cup in the basket of his new bicycle. Livid and determined, he decides to investigate where the cup comes from.

In front of an Amsterdam franchise of Halal Fried Chicken, a young man finds an empty milkshake cup in the basket of his new, black omafiets (grandma bicycle). Enraged, he decides to find out who left it there. When he inquires inside the fast food restaurant, the HFC logo on the cup has suddenly disappeared. This sparks a series of bizarre events in this deadpan movie, which pokes fun at, for example, the nonsensical bureaucracy of the Amsterdam Bicycle Depot and the enforcement of 'front and rear wheel rules'.


De keuze van Tim Hofman: Joardy Season

Pathé Rembrandt 3 Sat 28 Sep 13:30 - 15:00 11,00

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Pathé Rembrandt 3 Sun 29 Sep 21:30 - 22:57 11,00


Kinepolis Jaarbeurs 3 Wed 2 Oct 18:45 - 20:25 11,00


Director(s) Kevin Boitelle
Producer(s) Allen Grygierczyk
Jurriaan Kamps
Production Company
Grygierczyk & Boitelle
Marloes Westerwoudt
Co-production Company
Director of Photography
Production Design
Levi Knoeibelt / Gebakken Lucht Motion & Design
Costume Design
Sound Design
Sound on Set
Visual Effects
Thijs Kern
Chiron Holwijn
Olivier Locadia
Quincy Ofusu
Tim Haars
Ahmed El Jennouni
Jackson Romanov
Jorik van der Veen
Sabrine Afallah
Sterre Huisman
Mikey Dinero
Ben Kraak
Production Country