Mijn bijzonder rare week met Tess

Steven Wouterlood Feature film - 2019 - 84 min.
All ages

Gouden Kalf-nominatie

Beste Film Piet-Harm SterkJoram Willink

Beste Scenario

Summery youth drama about the big issues in life (like love and death), but still light-hearted and cheery, with the West Frisian Islands as a photogenic setting. The film made a triumphant tour along international youth film festivals - and rightly so.

On the first day of his holiday on the island of Terschelling, Sam meets the peculiar girl Tess. She has devised a clever plan to get to know the father she never had, but has only one week to do so. Sam can help her. Although he was engrossed in his ‘aloneness training’, adventure beckons! This film, an adaptation of Anna Woltz’s eponymous book, collected numerous awards internationally: from Berlin and New York to Norway and Russia.


Director(s) Steven Wouterlood
Script Laura van Dijk
Production Company
Marcel Lenz
Guido Schwab
Co-production Company
Ostlicht Filmproduktion GmbH
Director of Photography
Production Design
Costume Design
Sound Design
Kai Tebbel
Sound on Set
Visual Effects
Automatik VFX
Franziska Henke
Sonny van Utteren
Josephine Arendsen
Julian Ras
Tjebbo Gerritsma
Suzan Boogaerdt
Johannes Kienast
Terence Schreurs
Jennifer Hoffman
Hans Dagelet
TV Company
Production Country